Fish in Foil with variations

2 firm fish fillets or steaks (5-6 oz. each) or 1 larger fillet (10-12 oz.), cut in half (ahi or salmon) 1 c. cooked rice 2 c. chopped mustard greens or bok choy or kale or a combination of these or other sturdy greens 2 scallions, chopped 1 T. vegetable oil (olive, peanut, or avocado) […]

Furikake Salmon

My friend Kehau shared this recipe with me and it’s a definite keeper. ┬áThis recipe is simple and very quick to make. 1lb of salmon Sauce 3/4 cup shoyu (sometimes I do a 1/2 cup of regular shoyu, and 1/4 cup of ponzu sauce) 1/4 cup sugar ( I like mine less sweet, you may […]

Wild Salmon with Lemon Pepper and Poi

Wild salmon fillet and tail portion Lemon pepper Olive oil Heat just enough olive oil to lightly coat the fry pan since salmon has its own oil but still needs some help when sauteing. Sprickle the non-skin side of the salmon with lemon pepper. Saute the pepper side down and after about a minute or […]